Bubbles and clowns

It was a breezy evening Along the dubai canal With a soft music playing in the background As we walked along the steigenberg hotel Which stood tall and luxurious Beside which was the marasi area Where the abra cruised along the water canal Sailed by in a distance The winter days are bidding farewell I wish I could hold them for a bit longer Only … Continue reading Bubbles and clowns

Shopping Etiquette

Shopping is really fun during sale times. Today was the last day of the years most awaited shopping festival in dubai. Every year dubai has a shopping festival in winter and the offers from clothes to electronics is really worth the wait. If you are planning to visit dubai for shopping come in January the best climate, the best offers and the best experience. It … Continue reading Shopping Etiquette


I have been wanting to travel around Europe and America which was an effect of being educated in the british curriculum and reading books based in Newyork and london. Last few years of my teenage days were mostly spent in the british council library reading and browsing  books.  I just never stopped from reading but wrote a few essays  about the books I read and … Continue reading Elicit