Pretty paper studio blog hop : gratitude

Hello Welcome to pretty paper studios 5th birthday giveaway. Pretty paper studio is a Dubai-based online craft store that sells all sorts of craft items. It’s so much fun as “pretty paper studio UAE” are gonna show some gratitude by letting one of you lucky readers win a 1250 dirhams worth “Silhouette Cameo 3 Electronic Cutting Machine” Silhouette cameo 3 , end of April as they … Continue reading Pretty paper studio blog hop : gratitude

Blow a candle

are we selfish as moms? My son started nursery a year ago and recently he has been coming home with birthday party hats and goodie bags. He keeps saying “mummy, I ate happy birthday cake “. He kept on saying he wanna blow a candle over a McQueen cake. We don’t celebrate birthday parties (religious reason) but now he has been exposed to birthday parties … Continue reading Blow a candle

Child friendly Restaurants

My Say What exactly is a kid friendly restaurant? 1. Is it a restaurant with a baby chair? 2. A place which has some activities for the kids? Eg; coloring 3. A restaurant that has a play area for kids? 4. A restaurant that has a special kids menu? I should say if it’s a small restaurant yes, it can have either one of the … Continue reading Child friendly Restaurants

Thomas Cupcakes

Walking over the baking aile at the supermarket with a toddler on the trolley is no fun. Especially when they start pointing at stuff and are very inquisitive to fill the trolley.  If I park the trolley near a light weight product section, am sure to have a clearing before I load my stuff onto the trolley because my kid starts putting everything he can … Continue reading Thomas Cupcakes