Avacado and strawberry

I shall call this my favourite simple fruit sandwich. I am surprised as to how much I enjoyed making, photographing and eatimg these avacado strawberry toast. When you see an avacado what do you feel like doing with it?  My grandmother’s house had a huge tree of avacado and as the season starts giving fruits of avacado they pluck it and the house is filled … Continue reading Avacado and strawberry

Blow a candle

are we selfish as moms? My son started nursery a year ago and recently he has been coming home with birthday party hats and goodie bags. He keeps saying “mummy, I ate happy birthday cake “. He kept on saying he wanna blow a candle over a McQueen cake. We don’t celebrate birthday parties (religious reason) but now he has been exposed to birthday parties … Continue reading Blow a candle