My name is Mafaza Haleem, a Sri Lankan expat in Dubai.

I was self-taught and part qualified in Journalism while I completed ICT.

I used to read a lot and cook just as a hobby which turned into a passion after moving to Dubai. I love travelling and even going to the market is a big trip for me because I enjoy even the smallest and relate with a great story.

cooking is an art which I am still learning, it’s my passion which I am still exploring.

I will be sharing many food stories, travel stories, poems and recipe on this blog.

I have recently gained a passion for all things crafty and will be sharing some snippets of my journey. so far I’ve learnt to crochet, make cards, scrapbooking and lettering.

Blogging started 4 years ago while poetry was something I did since I was 17 years old.

I started off in the name of “shopaholics travel diary” and changed it to “travel and food worldwide” later renamed my blog as “the recipe writer”. Now I have finalised the name as “Explorewithmafaza” I sure won’t change the name again so keep following me and Explore with me.

Below is the link to my blog that’s 4 years old and this is my new blog with the same name do leave me a line for any guest postings, reviews, and collaborations in the form below and I will reply ASAP.


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