Bentota beach


Cloudy skies and strong waves

The rustle of the coconut trees

Soft Breeze of the waves

The pure sand and the giggling kids

Nature is such that non can ignore

Sand castle built by one kid

Was broken by the other

As a child swam on the sea

The other held on her mother

While giggling out loud

Washing there foot and capturing memories

The salty atmosphere began to snooze

As the sun began to set

While the clouds turned gloomy

The elements of nature is amazing




2 thoughts on “Bentota beach

  1. What a lovely poem about the world we live in. ‘Nature is such that non can ignore’ That was my favourite line and that is so true. When we slow down and lose ourselves in the moment, we come to see the beauty that is nature. Beautiful beach photo. Hope you had a good time by the beach 🙂


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