Who doesn’t like kisses, I mean meringues. During my childhood we used to buy meringues from the shop. They were cute, crispy and delicious. We enjoyed eating them without worrying about the ingredients. Now that we are bakers and educated of the recipes we are very concerned about eating store bought food.

Main issue is if the ingredients are halal.

After researching a few recipes now I know that meringues don’t contain gelatine which is the main ingredient we avoid in most food nor check if it’s halal.

We call it kisses but am not sure why and it is only after being a blogger I learnt that they are meringues. Meringues are super easy to make but you need a lot of patience.

The satisfaction I got after whipping up a 100 meringues can never be expressed in words so check my Instagram to see how I express my satisfaction on baking some perfect meringues.


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