Iced Tea


I often see the menus with ice tea

The rich images and expensives cans never pleased me

I love tea hot and warm

but never cold nor iced teas

I often wonder how can we gulp iced teas

When the strong aroma wakes me every morning

I just think if ordering an iced tea will change my attitude

But my mind never let me pay a dirham for an iced tea ever

A few days back

A bit of leftover plain tea

Tempted me to refridgerate and try

Was it the mind that said ” do not waste leftover teas?”

No, it was the blogger in me

That encouraged me to try it just once

I took a few gulps and exclaimed with joy

It wasn’t me but the blogger in me

Experience is what it’s all about

I don’t like iced teas and tea is better warm

Dip a few biscuits or drink it as it is.



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