Hello from colombo,

It’s been a week or more since I posted here, as a mum it’s hectic trying to entertain my kids who are extremely bored and getting along with the new atmosphere. I am craving to do some baking and finally accomplished my mind plans which turned out into a success.  I would love to call my self a food buff as much as I like being called a food blogger. It doesn’t mean I know everything about food but it means I learn while I explore all things related to food.

I have had kunafa in dubai at the global village which was delicious and authentic. Later on we ordered in from a restaurant near by at internation city and found the kunafa tasted like plastic. That was it and I never went on a hunt for the best. I  got myself a kunafa pastry case and decided to do it myself.

I used mozarella cheese instead of akawi as I was not sure if we can get it here or if my family will like it. Luckily the kunafa turned out extremely delicious and super good. Even my sibblings who are the fussiest I’ve known enjoyed it. I now prefer a DIY kunafa rather than a plate from a very unknown restaurant.

I tried the lurpak middleeast websites recipe for kunafa.20170529_181254-1008x756



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