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SERENDIPITY III is located at dubai festival city mall opposite PF Changs. The entrance to the waterfront promenade which was opened recently is along the SERENDIPITY III and give a nice view when dining. It’s a good location to catch a glimps of the water, fire and light show which broke the Guinness world record earlier this year.


The Interiors

The restaurant has a very attractive interior which I will call a shabby chich and retro mix. As you entre you can see the wall of fame which displays a list of celebrities who dined. It has a variety of seating area which can easily be divided to those popping in to host a small crowd. The walls and deco have a class that speak for themselves. It’s a mix of fairy tale inside serendipity.


The Food

I was invited for their first birthday celebrations last month and got the opportunity to try a few of there dishes. Me and my son enjoyed there frozen hot chocolate which was one of the best I’ve had in my food blogging life. We were given the starters and mains which was meat tacos with guacamole  (which lacked a bit of salt) but was really a unique dish in my food journal. The onion rings looked very attractive but I was short of time hence had to rush. The chicken strips were good and ideal for my 1.6 year old toddler (very mild spiciness and very crispy)

The Service

The service was great and as we were at an event the staff served and entertained us with courtesy. The timing was reasonable and found none to complain.

The Ambiance

The ambiance is really amazing always. It’s a good location to enjoy an evening meal with your family or take your partner out on a date. It even suits for birthday celebrations as they have a section for cakes and bakes in the front. It suits all sorts of people and the experience was great dinning at serendipity.


I usually dine around many restaurants for blogging purpose and found the serendipity is a bit on a high end yet it’s worth. The quality and experience is great when compared to dinning at  a normal restaurant. This budget suits those everyday dinners and once in a while surprising hosts.

Overall dinning at serendipity is something you will cherish even if it was once in a lifetime.

Go with great company and make menoroes to cherish.

Check there menu on zomato Have a look at this review of Serendipity 3, Festival City on @Zomato —


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