Pretty paper studio blog hop : gratitude

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Welcome to pretty paper studios 5th birthday giveaway.

Pretty paper studio is a Dubai-based online craft store that sells all sorts of craft items.

It’s so much fun as “pretty paper studio UAE” are gonna show some gratitude by letting one of you lucky readers win a 1250 dirhams worth “Silhouette Cameo 3 Electronic Cutting MachineSilhouette cameo 3 , end of April as they celebrate their 5th year in business with a blast this month. All you have to do is just start commenting on my blog and scroll down, Click on the links and comment on all the links below. do make sure to follow pretty paper studio on Instagram and Pinterest, like them on facebook and subscribe to their youtube channel.

Gratitude journal 

Check my project “gratitude journal”. It’s a journal that I made for myself. The products I used are listed below with a link to purchase them if you wanna show some gratitude to someone by giving a handcrafted gift. It’s so fun to make a craft and when it is handmade I feel a personal touch which is why I made a name card for my niece too.  Gratitude is really a simple thing which can go a long way when expressed at the right time. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it should be given with love and that’s all that matters. I am so grateful for being a blogger. I never believed it would be possible to be published and called as a part of the media. why I made this journal and called it gratitude is although I have a blog which has almost all the events and places I’ve been to writing in a journal with a few bullets and colorful stickers makes it more fun and relaxing. I also used some washi tapes to give my page a bit of glamour.

I now don’t have to rush to my phone and start typing which is very stressful for the eyes. by having a journal I can now take some time off the screen and enjoy the handwriting with a bit of nature. typing is easy but writing on a journal is, even more, fun and relaxing.  I made a few bookmarks which are kind of inbuilt and act as a divider. do check my youtube video to know how the inside of my journal looks like and do give it a try.

the items I’ve used to make this journal are:

  • Mini notebook
  • Everyday memories collection kit
  • Amy tangerine thicker
  • buttons galore
  • Carpe diem clear stickers
  • washi tape (rose print)
  • Tombow brush pen

I am using my zig writers to put notes while using my old pencil to carry along so I can jot down stuff on the go. by using a pencil I can correct any mistakes and typos. I pasted some washi tape along the pencil to give it a beautiful look. the beauty in customised and handmade stuff is that you can do it the way you want and this is how I like my journal and pencil to look which travel with me in my handbag from now onwards in sha allah.

click on the links below and win

Pretty paper studio

Cuddles and Crumbs (Abigail Caidoy)

Designs by Donna Espiritu

Handmade with Love (Ujjwal Gupta)

Mummy on my mind (Zeyna Sanjania)

Papermade by Ing (Ingrid Lim)

Quill and Punch works (Hussena Calcuttawala)

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21 thoughts on “Pretty paper studio blog hop : gratitude

  1. Happy birthday pretty paper studio..
    I m a great fan on ppsuae.. I m a crafter from India. Have my page and account on FB and Instagram as present_for_your_present


  2. I always have ideas that sometimes pop ups anytime of the day, and your gratitude journal is a good inspiration for me to do one to jot down all creatives ideas and things that happen in my day that I have to treasure and be thankful. Knowing Neelu is not only knowing a craft shop where I can purchase my crafty item but she open doors to meet new people, like you and the other bloggers. I’m grateful for this bloghop 😊😊😊


  3. Mafaza..Very simple and neat..Keep up rhe lovely work ..All the best !
    I get intimidated when i see complex art stuff and i like simple craft ideas with less b used .


  4. I love journaling! This will definitely be on my list since it will complement my spiritual journal 🙂 love the idea of having a gratitude journal on the go!


  5. Surely this is great for taking time off from the screen. We do almost everything online which we sometimes forget doing it on how we used to do it before with notebook. And crafting makes it more interesting and fun!


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