Dubai skyline


That view that makes one take a deep breath

The sun That’s about to set

The rays on the sea

Where the earth is surrounded

With a little bit of shine

The dancing waves of the arabian sea

Which surrounds the middleeastern shores

A skyline is mesmerising

I feel a flair for photography

Yet I am still on mobile

Let’s protect the earth

And preserve its beauty

By reusing and recycling

Reduce waste and pollute less



5 thoughts on “Dubai skyline

  1. What a lovely shot of Dubai, nature and the man-made city together. I’ve always wanted to visit, and it looks spectacular. Also, lovely poem. I like how you say that the world is a place to be admired, but also a place that we need to take care of. Agree with that and we can all do our part every day by appreciating what we have and put away what we don’t need with a bit of thought. For instance, I like putting the bottles and boxes into the recycling bins 🙂

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  2. I’m thankful that I’m able to call Dubai as my home. And you have lovely words that describe the home we’re living in


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