Chocolate chip cookies


I wanted to make some cookies for a video and found some time early in the morning at 7 am while my kids were asleep. baking is tough when the kids start demanding to lick the whisk and spatula before even the process has started. gladly I managed to finish a batch of cookies and make the video before the kids woke and the best part was they woke up while photographing the above and the crankiest part was me serving them chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. I hardly give them chocolate as too much of sweets can make a child hyperactive which can be very cranky at times. I have avoided smarties and sweets with artificial food colour too after many days of careful exploring my kids. they sure do make the kids hyperactive but I do use them to keep the kids going when am out and about doing some important travel.

I have saved half the batch of this cookie dough in the freezer and will be doing some baking with the kids sometime soon. the recipe was from Jamie Oliver’s website and according to him, we can save the cookie dough for up to one month. the spatula was my long time wish and the cutest small spatula (from carrefour) I own, the large pink one from tavola is my big favourite spatula.

Do subscribe to my youtube as am planning to upload the cookie making video soon.



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