Avacado and strawberry


I shall call this my favourite simple fruit sandwich. I am surprised as to how much I enjoyed making, photographing and eatimg these avacado strawberry toast.

When you see an avacado what do you feel like doing with it?  My grandmother’s house had a huge tree of avacado and as the season starts giving fruits of avacado they pluck it and the house is filled with avacado smoothie. Yes they serve it to everyone in small cups and we all enjoy it. They ever share the fruit witb neighbours and friends. Everytime I buy avacado we make it into a smoothie with some milk and sugar. I was less exposed to the internet then and when I first saw avacado on toasts a few years ago I was very surprised. I never even imagined it can be eaten without being blended into a smoothie.  The next thing used on the smoothie is the strawberry.  As a kid we always loved to eat strawberries. I shall say it was more for it’s beauty than anything else as everytime we took a bite we tasted sour fruit just red in color. Am sure most of us are fans of strawberries due to It’s color rather than its taste. A few months back I went for a crafy workshop at spontiohoria at al wasl square and they served these avacado and strawberry toast with a bit of feta on top. It waa delicious and thats what tempted me to try it. It sure is a very unique combo in mymind. I #adore my picture and like to share ot with you the beauty of this toast. If you haven’t tried it do give it a go.  Let me know how it tasted.



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