Hot cross buns

20170411_175138-1008x756When a fellow blogger Paula brought this challenge up I thought I will join so I can learn. Am not a new mum. I am an old mum of 2 and soon to be a mum of three. I am not the patient kind when it comes to teaching. Maybe thats why am not a teacher but every mum is a teacher. I sure do the essentials for my kids but my blog is one of those places where I unleash my thoughts and skills. I have written and cooked all just for my blog and at the same time make sure what I cook suits the kids.
 I don’t have 10 ways to show how I rocked motherhood while blogging but just one way in a huge sentence.
  1. This is how I did it. I recently did some baking and cooking involving my kids so we both do something together and I don’t have to struggle with finding something for my kids to stay occupied. I also got some stories to share on my blog. We baked donuts and made cupcakes. We did hot cross buns yesterday and I made sure to involve my son for the making balls and putting crosses, no he dono how to form a dough ball and he just cupped it after which I had to form it properly. He did the crosses but I had to hold his hands and put pressure. I had to sing the song for him a few times or he wouldn’t let me do anything.

I gave the buns to the kids and sat down to dip it in my cup of tea and my child told “mummy, you don’t dip hot cross buns in tea” you only dip biscuits in tea. I couldn’t talk but chuckle. The buns were soft and delicious. The house was filled with the aroma of cinnamon which I used and cut down the all spices because I felt it would be a bit spicy for the kids. It’s almost summer in Dubai and still baking in summer is not a bad idea. The recipe was from a fellow blogger Sally from my custard pie.

Link to recipe Hot cross buns recipe



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