Green Almonds

20170401_083400-1008x756It was last year that I won a precious book named “plated heirlooms” by a fellow blogger/author Dima sherif. I kept following her stories and the book launch which was very adnirable with a touch of Palestine and loads of olive oils. Ever since I have been dreaming of getting the book and I was blessed with a chance to win it myself. I grabbed the opportunity and won the book. The book is something i treasure out of all the cook books on my shelf and the honest reason is because plated heirlooms has a little bit of history and personality that reflects on each recipe. It’s not just a book put together with recipes.  It’s hard work and labour of love. The result of a passionate Palestinian while the country is at war it’s touching to know how they play a role in the food industry with those olives and dishes. It is through that book I learnt that almonds which are green and fruit like exists. I have been watching for them but never found until recently whem I came across the offers section with a load of green almond packs which made me just grab a pack. I didn’t know how to eat them but asked the salesman and he said “just wash and eat it ma’am”. I didn’t believe his words but grabbed it so I can refer to the book and eat them. It was a tenacious desire which made me even preserve the leaves of the almonds and the next step is to frame the image of my almonds. It’s not just almonds it’s green fresh almonds off the tree with leaves and stems. These almonds dry overtime and the green outer layer becomes a hard shell while the inside becomes a hard almond nut. These green almonds are usually available in spring and can be eaten with salt or pickled. Am gonna pickle half of them until then good night.



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