The food trucks

food truck #1

Sirloin & co at street nights on bay avenue 

If I told you I went on a food truck tour what would you be visualising? I wish I could have paused the moment.

No, I didn’t go on a food truck around dubai but I went around a park jammed with food trucks. Yes, 3 weeks ago I was invited for the street nights event at bay avenue overlooking the burj khalifa. The weather was amazing and only if we could pause the summer whenever we could (smiles). A month or so ago I did visit the farmers market and got a fabulous view of the burj khalifa on the same spot. I knew the street nights location was amazing and wanted to go somehow.  Bay avenue has many thinga in one place and having the streetnights there was the best. 20170302_164849-1612x1209Luckily managed to grab a taxi with the kids and as we reached the vibe was tremendous. In 10 minutes  started a rain for which we sheltered as the kids were there but it stopped in a few minutes making the atmosphere even better, wet surface, soft rhythms of music which I dint know what, the smoking food trucks with some delicious food.  The burj view and the smell of green fresh grass drenched in rain water was really unforgettable and comforting. We started of with the sirloin and co burger truck.

They had a huge BBQ kinda oven which had fresh burger meat cooking over woodfire. The aroma was great with the smoking affect on the rain.

I tried the kids meal as my son was hungry. They had a decent size burger with a very good burger that was not spicy and ideal for my kids.



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