Blogging for passion

I know when I say am a blogger people sometimes think am a bit nosy and something of them think she must be getting all those free stuff and money.


Blogging is my passion and it doesn’t give me any money. It’s not my job and I never started blogging because I’ll  earn a fortune out of it but I started blogging so I can share my experience in my own words with no restrictions.  I never expected to get products for review or samples. I never expected to get invitations for media reviews and events. I just didn’t know that I’d be called a media if am in the blogging industry. Fewer expectations can keep you and those around you happy is what I learnt in my life.  Be content with what you have is one other rule I try to follow and keep in mind.

I know there are fellow bloggers who ask me if I ever went to an agency to get my name included in the media list. My answer is NO. I never even knew there was such a thing.  I just did fill my blog with recipes and photographs. They key to get more likes and views on your blog is to participate in challenges on WordPress. This keeps the blog engaged and gives you more practice in writing for your blog.  I didn’t have Instagram 5 years ago but the engagement was always same while all the contents were my own including the photographs. Nowadays there are Instagram pods with more engagement on Instagram which I join in for the fun and love of socialising.  Erm, yes I kinda like to socialise with like minded people to know what’s happening in the blogging world. The beat way to be a good blogger do not compare a just be yourself.

I hate posting something that doesn’t belong to me as mine. Remember Honesty is the best policy and that was my favourite proverb from school. You can’t earn a fortune by doing something dishonest but you can be happy by being honest. So when it comes to blogging all that matters is originality. Don’t fret over if a fellow blogger is getting all the invites and you hardly get any, it’s just a matter of luck and how committed you are to the blog. The only rule to be a good blogger is keep up with your niche and do not think a blog is a way to earn a fortune.



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