Why I blog?

I didn’t know there was something called blog 6 years ago.  Yes, I sound like a village idiot but I was taught to be reserved and had fewer friends. As self-taught girl when it comes to writing my life revolved over books from the British council library and newspapers. Although I watched the television and learned about the world and only after my ICT diploma I knew about googling. That’s where I learned new recipes and signed up on a writer’s site to publish poetry. Nature is what inspired me to write poetry and the books taught me new words. Being an early school leaver my dream was to become a journalist. Although we had peace in the year 2004 and I won a scholarship to study at the Sri Lanka college of journalism my parents feared to sent me out to study journalism. They feared I might report the news on war zones and enter the territories which were still reconciling in 2004.

The thirst to write and get published never stopped I kept on applying for 3 years in a row to study at the college of journalism and was accepted for the third time too which I should say proudly. In the year 2010, I gave up my goal and decided to get married and just cook for my family. I was cooking up a variety of food and in a year I learned that there was something called blogging and to my surprise, I found that I already have an account on WordPress which I have never used apart from signing up. Yes, later I remembered my google search for sites to write online and finding WordPress. I remember creating an account but never did a research on how to publish on the site.

After accessing my WordPress account I did a few research on how to start by reading other blogs.  I then started off with publishing the recipes I know and some articles for a client to give some links back to their site. I never expected to earn money or get loads of collaborations through blogging but share my experiences and publish my writing.

My few points to anyone thinking blogging is for everyone:

The best way to start blogging is to be yourself and share unbiased work. Stay away from plagiarism. Write and be proud of something you really love doing and something which you can call your own work. Do not take it as a competition to attract more readers or sponsors. Just be yourself. Read others posts on and off. Learning never stops and what I learned through my correspondent journalism diploma is that the key to learning the art of writing is reading. If you really wanna know who read your article please publish a post without an image (smiles). Write on your blog with a passion, not hunger.

I would love to write more but my toddler is not allowing so I will leave it here and correct all typos later tonight.

I guess I did justice to the word territory 😊



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