Blow a candle

are we selfish as moms?

My son started nursery a year ago and recently he has been coming home with birthday party hats and goodie bags. He keeps saying “mummy, I ate happy birthday cake “.

He kept on saying he wanna blow a candle over a McQueen cake. We don’t celebrate birthday parties (religious reason) but now he has been exposed to birthday parties the request for cakes and candles have grown. He doesn’t know the meaning for birthdays and blowing candles but still, he wanna do. Last night was my son’s nursery graduation so I decided to bake a cake not just for the graduation but because I wanted to bake a cake and I wanted to photograph it for a competition. The effort was well worth it as I learned to make a good cake and found my signature chocolate cake recipe. I lit a candle and made my son blow it ( he was happy with laughter to blow that candle) which wasn’t a meaningless celebration after all he graduated from nursery last night and won the “best in hygiene” award. I also got to take a good picture which was submitted for the competition. I feel it was a bit of a selfish baking but then it’s also called multitasking.

All in days work!

Now I also have a blog post ready and the cake recipe was by nigella lawson. The chocolate stout cake.  Yes, the recipe calls for Guinness but as we are a sober family I substituted the Guinness with coffee oh I was short of some wheat flour too so I mixed some atta flour. Before I forget I didn’t have sour cream and substituted it with yogurt. The cake was super soft and delicious. Made the cream cheese frosting and found I had less icing sugar too (it’s been a while since I did some baking) so the pantry stock is very low. Then I didn’t wanna call the grocery to get me some icing sugar so grabbed my Hersheys unsweetened cocoa powder and made chocolate cream cheese frosting.  Hubby thinks am weird for adding cocoa in cream cheese frosting but he sure did like the cake before I revealed the ingredients.

My kids loved it too. Making the cake was a rush as I started at 4 and had to be at the auditorium to see my sons first annual day at the nursery in which he performed as yellow fish. Somehow I braved the weather and enjoyed the event as well as managed to pull up a cake in time which was cut the next morning for breakfast. Oh, the candle is not in the picture. Breakfast was chocolate cake. Am gonna grab some leftovers from the fridge.

Thank you for reading.IMG_20170327_094757_383-495x619


One thought on “Blow a candle

  1. Wow! Am sure your kids loved the cake especially that it’s made out of love. I also like Nigella, and I’ve been watching her shows like Nigella Bites, so I’m pretty sure this recipe is awesome. Good job momma! 😀


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