Just an Ordinary cook

1-640x479When the microwave get smoking and you can’t bake a thing life starts to suck. That’s how a food bloggers day is well am talking about a convection microwave. That’s what I use to bake in my small kitchen in dubai and as a small family even what I bake on those ten inch trays seem to be way too much and makes me over eat whatever I baked. Baking was merely for leisure and then it was done for passion and later I did for money (baked and sold cookies).  Overall I baked for blogging or just make the things which I cannot buy or can’t afford or just becaused I wanna try making it myself.

That’s my ordinary life, with the modern technology of social media it’s hard to keep the eyes off those lovely desserts and baked goods. Really don’t wanna eat a 37 thousand dirham burger  or the world’s most expensive dessert but a normal nitrogen ice cream just because it’s innovative is all I look for but yes I can afford a bit nitrogen ice cream someday but let’s talk about the ordinary sweets and desserts. The pizzas and brownies which are delicious but comes with a large prize tag at some cases.  They sure do look good but sometimes they are not worth the drive and price. I love a few pizza places on takeaway but when it comes to brownies I prefer homemade because that’s when I get to make the texture I want and take good pictures and post on social media. Am just an Ordinary person with a blog at times but then am also inspired by the many ordinary people sharing there food on social media. I know sharing is caring but sometimes too much of sharing can create a phobia for the followers.

I follow people who travel to various parts of the world and eat food traditional to that part of the country. I sure would love to travel and eat but then I am sure it’s impossible so this is when I google a recipe and start making it at home.  Now that makes me no ordinary person because am very experimental and love exploring and creating new dishes.

There are many items like sushi and sashimi which are no ordinary food and I wouldn’t mind paying for as they are not the best when homemade. Sushi making is an art and can be done only by a certain type of people and getting those ingredients home for one time sushi making is not worth.

Sushi ingredienst are not my ordinary pantry staple.



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