Bubbles and clowns

It was a breezy evening

Along the dubai canal

With a soft music playing in the background

As we walked along the steigenberg hotel

Which stood tall and luxurious

Beside which was the marasi area

Where the abra cruised along the water canal

Sailed by in a distance

The winter days are bidding farewell

I wish I could hold them for a bit longer

Only so I can enjoy the walks along the parks and beaches

The atmosphere was splendid

With fifteen odd food trucks

Gearing up to serve the customers

Swings and seesaws assemble for the kids

A bit of bubbles that were calling all the kids

A little juggling by the clowns

Which entertained the adults and the kids

As the sunset the lights came on and made it more lively

The food trucks  aroma of a variety of foods drew the customers

I spent two hours without even flashing my eyelids

The truckers is where you should be for the weekend

A family-friendly carnival is all I can call it


The image was taken by samsung s7. There can be no i.age better to represent one word “pattern”.


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