Child friendly Restaurants

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What exactly is a kid friendly restaurant?

1. Is it a restaurant with a baby chair?

2. A place which has some activities for the kids? Eg; coloring

3. A restaurant that has a play area for kids?

4. A restaurant that has a special kids menu?

I should say if it’s a small restaurant yes, it can have either one of the above options, but if it’s a brunch or buffet I’d suggest having the points 1 / 2 and 4 is a must while there is also another option that needs to be added. It’s most parents concern while dinning out I believe. It is having child friendly cuttlery, plates and cups. Am not sure if everyone think the way I do or all kids prefer equal treatment when it comes to dinning but I have 2 toddler who eat well if treated equally. One of my sons prefer using a fork while eating french fries and he even has papad with a fork. If I dint give him the fork then I am in for some tantrums because he don’t like to be fed. This is really funny but when  you go somewhere to dine especially for a buffet and when the kids like to serve and eat like us, we can’t even hand over a plate for them to serve and this makes the kids feel bored. They don’t feel the fun of a buffet or dinning out for a brunch like we adults. Serving there own food and eating can enhance the kids appetite and encourage them to eat better (not sure if it’s proved scientifically but I am proof ). Letting them self serve is another good way to introduce new kinds of fruits and vegetanles for your kids.

Kids like imitating parents. More over my kids eat if they see how it’s made rather than seeing the final food just in a plate. Maybe not all kids are same but try it and let me know how the results were (by letting your kids serve, see what you cook or get them help in making their lunch, dinner or breakfast) I am talking about kids below four not sure about the other age groups. So my final question is what exactly is a kid friendly restaurant, brunch or buffet in your point of view?

Leave the answers below as a comment and lets share some experiences good/bad while dinning with kids.

what’s your say?

Have 20170305_101716-629x629a great week.


4 thoughts on “Child friendly Restaurants

  1. Kid friendly.. None of the restaurants here had anything for kids in olden days. Now few of them have ball pools and others have the small games on the table mat. There ends the friendliness! That is why more people here opt for food courts in malls when going out with kids.


    1. Well sandhya,
      The food courts are good for take aways mostly but they are not the best to sit around with kids. There are many restaurants that have some kind of coloring activity for kids around here but it’s just that not all kids are same 😀 so not all of then can enjoy it for more than 5 minutes.


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