Buffets : my opinion

As a blogger I have been covering mostly food related issues and am hovering onto try a few new stuff like crafts and write about anything new I explore. It’s not that I wanted to be a food writer but the desire to get published is what made me venture into food blogging. I am loving it as a blogger and enjoy every word I type. Participating in daily prompts encourages me when am really not in a mood to write. Recently I went for a couple of buffets and have learnt something. We usually dine out but don’t brunch or go for buffets. I can say I have totally been to only 6 buffets in my time in Dubai which is way less when compared to other food bloggers I guess. However I just want to pen my thoughts here and see how many agree with me.

less waste

A few weeks before I went to a place which said “live grill” with all you can eat seafood BBQ. The place was really nice but a tad bit small. It had a decent crowd amidst being a weekday and they had sisha. The interior was calm and the atmosphere was perfect with winter in dubai. The price was decent but they had less options. Although the staff were trying to smile there service was really slow. My first complain was the live grill. I had no view of the live grill it probably was live in the kitchen I guess. So they can’t call it a live grill. I was impatient and hungry as were given a lentil soup and an Arabic salad as starters while the main course was a plate of 6 to 8 chicken wings for a table of 4  and a plate of small prawns which had 6 to 8 pieces.  They sure were flavoured fine but the quantity was not enough. We asked for tissue and never got it until we finished paying the bill and it was just wet wipes. Am not complaining or demanding more for the less we paid but wrong words in advertising made me starve. Am a rice person and we only got it after we asked for steamed rice which was also a bit late and too less. The best part of this deal is No food got wasted. Am glad for that. The only issie is they shouldn’t have used the word live grill. I could have eaten more  but my hunger ran away looking at their slow service.

more waste?

The other day I went for a buffetwhich was called a friday brunch but an evening brunch.  As we entered I felt like walking into a walking food pantry. From deesserts to fondue ad sushi to ouzi everything was available with a lovely display. I got myself prepared to try atleast one portion of each item and I dint try the salads. I started with the mains which was the ouzi and some fish rice which I forgot the name. Next I had a plate of sushi which I was craving for many days and then had a few other side dishes which included  a few cold fish and prawn dishes. Last but not least I grabbed the plate for my dessert and took a slice of  most of the desserts. I was not greedy for sure but a bit inquisitive and wanted to explore or try the desserts. I ate as much as I could and finally had to leave half on the plate. I just wished the size of the desserts was even smaller. All the desserts were delicious while the panacotta was the best. The brownies and profitroles were very different too.

We went in late and walked out 15 minutes before they closed and all my mind was windering of was what do they do with the leftovers. They were too good to be true and I really enjoyed it except the fact that I couldn’t finish my desserts. I like to explore but was sad I dint finish the sweets I served. Are these buffets making us over excited?  Is it worth spending on buffets? Well it sure is worth.20170303_203911-1008x756



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