Taxi Ride

Taking a taxi ride in Dubai sometimes worries me as am not a usual taxi person.  I travel by bus or metro and found it very easy but very stressful with kids.  Especially if you don’t own a twin stroller. At times I tend to get late for my events due to this but am not earning through my blog and attend events just to share on my blog and experience something new and different.  So I prefer to work within a budget.

Yesterday I was waiting for a taxi a few minutes which seemed like 20 but am not sure and finally found a taxi. My wait was to get the taxi to the metro but was doubtful if I had enough time. I inquired the taxi driver for the cost to drive me to my location and he mentioned it will be just a few dirhams more than the cost to the metro. I was so doubtful and asked him if he was sure about it.  He assured me that the taxi cost would be around 45. He drove me to the location while I kept looking at my map and following the route as I was still doubtful if the price he mentioned is accurate. I still would have taken the taxi if the price was more because travelling by bus or metro as a pregnant lady with 2 kids is no fun at all so I rely on taxi or rather not travel. Finally I was relieved that the taxi driver was correct.  It just cost me only 45 dirhams. I did give him some extra as a tip. Sometimes it’s like a luck to find a proper taxi driver who knows the route and understands the language when living in a multicultural society.

I would like to give one tip to get there with no wrong routes or extra fares.

1. Just switch on your map and follow it while the taxi driver drives or even better if you can show him the map before he starts driving. So everyone is in no doubt.



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