Thomas Cupcakes

Walking over the baking aile at the supermarket with a toddler on the trolley is no fun. Especially when they start pointing at stuff and are very inquisitive to fill the trolley.  If I park the trolley near a light weight product section, am sure to have a clearing before I load my stuff onto the trolley because my kid starts putting everything he can grab onto my trolley. Last week he started repeating “mummy, take that thomas cake” oh yea, he is a bloggers cum bakers son so he can sniff those goodies. I turned over to see what he was pointing and couldn’t stop the smile. It was a Thomas and friend cupcake mix. Well those are really easy to bake and quick. If you’ve got your kids friends coming for an unplanned  tea party or play you can whip a few Thomas and friends cupcakes. I felt like a kid and grabbed those and my son was holding onto it until we walked to the billing counter. As we came home all I here was “mummy, I wanna make thomas cake”. I feltvery tired cos soon after a grocery shopping on a Friday morning there is loads to fix than bake a cupcake. I had to scream a few times to stop him from repeating but invain. When I asked what he wants for lunch he kept saying Thomas cake. I felt a bit annoyed. Finally I had to use the Thomas cake as a bribe to feed him.

As soon as he finished lunch he was excited to start baking. Well he did the entire mixing and lining cases as well as the icing. The fondant edible prints with Thomas and friends which came along was the star to me. I usually don’t like the edible print sheets which I have only tried from one place which was bitter and a bit too inky. The ones that came on the baking pack was good. Not too sweet nor inky but really edible.  I would buy those over getting custom prints although the colour quality was not strong but yea it made a 3.6 year old happy and that’s all that mattered as we don’t celebrate birthdays and are weekly bakers (unless someone is sick). So my boy baked  (I handled the oven part) and proudly ate three of them while grabbed my half too. He wants to know when the next Thomas cake will be baked (face palm).20170224_164927-756x1008

MORAL : Involving kids to make there meals make them eat more rather than showing just the food on a plate.

Get the kids involved to make there sandwiches and treats. Show them what’s in the lunch box or how the lunch is being made atleast once a week for those working mums. As am a stay at home mum I have less priority but more work less rest am still learning to cope.

Not a review just an experience shared. Ideas to keep the kids busy. Forget the washing and cleaning after the baking.


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