The summer is not very far while we rejoice in the rainy days or cold winter hours. Hot drinks and warm clothes is not what can satisfy one when you live in an arid country. The urge to hold the weather and keep it forever is all I desire.  Let alone the fever and coughs that catch the kids and makes us play “run and catchers” with medicines.

The waiting at the doctors and the que at the pharmacy can be stressful but a hot cup of coffee can calm you once swaddled on the couch. The rain is not a long term one but a few drizzles and some shower here and there is something to rejoice. The fresh smell of earth and the breeze of air will never fail to lift the spirit. I don’t need an umbrella. I so like the little raindrops on me as they dont hurt you much and is like a bit of hug from the mother nature. 20170215_231837-756x1008I just wish it would rain in the day for an hour so I can watch them with some snacks.




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