My mum was an expert in needlecraft.  She knows all sorts of embroidery and sewing. She has done her clothes and her children’s clothes when we were kids and found pride in doing so, ever since she fell sick she has stopped sewing but always kept asking us to learn how to stich.  She didn’t want to teach us because she believed that her sewing lessons are old and wanted us to learn new techniques that even she wouldn’t know.

I did go for a few lessons and learnt how to stich and did stich a trouser for myself once. Apart from that I knew a few stiching techniques from school needlework lessons. I even got good marks and won the prize for needlecraft from school. Somehow I lost my flair for sewing and never tried anything new while I hated stiching in a machine.

Recently I went for a scrapbooking workshop, you might know if you read my previous posts and the instructor who was my blogger friend showed a crochet heart which she did and told she learnt them through youtube. I fell in love with her creativity and decided to try crochet myself. I watched many different videos on crochet and got myself a cute crochet hook and  a yarn. I did a flower with three petals and a heart. These are not so tough to do when you learn the basics is all I can say. All these years I’ve spent my days only in food to be honest and this crochet and scrapbooking (which am currently doing) is something new and I believe it’s against the odds.

Against the Odds


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