Baking in winter

I have read books and watched movies of countries that have a snowy winter but until I moved to dubai I have never experienced a proper winter. I remember walking down the streets of bangalore during winter which was a bit cold but was bareable and as a tourist it was fun. During summer in sri lanka many people take off to nuwera eliya a part of sri lanka that is the coldest in the country. I have been there for a day when I was a 11 year old kid and ever since I have never been back. During rainy days in sri lanka its very cold and relaxing unkess it starts flooding which can be bizarre at times. However baking in sri lanka especially the buns and breads are easy as the weather does not affect the proving of bread and bun doughs.

After moving to dubai I sometimes find the winter days very very cold and sometimes proving a bread or pizza dough takes forever.  This is when I tried nigella lawsons recipe for a dinner roll and donut. I  found this recipes prove well and the secret to this is adding lukewarm milk. Yes any dough that asks for water or milk I would recommend adding lukewarm liquid during those cold winter days to fasten the proving process.

Bake a good bread or pizza in an hour and  half and enjoy witha  hot cup of tea or coffee or even a chocolate swaddled up on the couch while the cold breeze tries to cool your pizza.  Go for it fight the weather and eat it fast.



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