I know solitude means lone time for many but for me it’s all about doing something that is only one thing. As a mother, wife, daughter and sister at times I find myself multi tasking and am sure that’s how many people’s life goes by, I have never done one thing in just particular unless during my student life. Everytime I bake I am bound to carry and take care of a kid/s and think what’s for dinner. Sometimes while cleaning I gotta think how to wash the clothes and how to dry them as well and when to fold the dried clothes.  Life is all about multi tasking but when a fellow blogger organised a craft workshop I signed up right away. I know I love craft stuff but don’t know how to use them still I keep buying. I have a lot of buttons and ribbons as well as a variety of paper in my cupboard which sometimes make me think why did I buy them. But then I know I bought them because I love to do some crafting sometime or the other. So I decided I need to go to this scrapbooking workshop which was my 3rd event without any kid. I usually take atleast one of my sons for every event I attend (except the sushi tour and the bloggers conference last year) while this was my 3rd event/workshop going alone without the kids. I was feeling guilty for letting my husband take care of the 2 naughty boys alone but I did it becauseI wanted to learn how to use those supplies I’ve got in my cupboard and get involved in a new hobby which I can do with my kids too.

I went there and was welcomed by a few fellow bloggers and the lovely supplies by @ppsuae which is an online shop that sells craft supplies. Search for them online if you are in dubai/UAE as prettypaperstudiouae. We started the introduction with scrapbooking and the tools required and I didn’t realise the time go until it was 5:30 in the evening.  Crafting is such a lovely thing that can refresh our minds and bring great ideas. I cant wait to start scrapbooking a journal with my kids (i am an anti photo person to be honest although I capture every moment of my kids and share it with my siblings) I do not like having photo printouts on albums but I did take a few photos just for learning. My mum used to be a big photo fanatic who had lots of albums with photographs of us from our birth and it all stopped after she fell sick. Now some of those photos are faded and only a few are left, seeing them hurts me and I have started only storing photos via online, mobile phone and no prints.  But trust me what I learnt on the scrapbooking sessions is gonna turn into something nice and I can’t wait to start and share.



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