It was gloomy and dull

I made my tea and some bread pakoras

In a tad bit hurry

So can sip and bite while watching the rain

The tea was hot

While I dipped a few biscuits

Till it drizzled, a pack of biscuits gone

And no rain at all

And the pakoras crispy

As I bit into them

I hardly remembered why I fried pakoras

Oh was it the rain

Or was it the expired bread

That lay in the fridge

Forcing to be clean it

While my mind was refusing

The bread could have been old

But it was clean as new

With no fungy

They tasted good

And am safe here after a week

Oh the rain has just begun

It’snot so heavy

But seems like tiptoeing raindrops

While the breeze is chilly

With no tea or pakora

Warm cosy blankets

Amd some hot watalappams

Is all I got while the clean fresh air of the rainy dubai

Passes through my window



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