Nigellas Donuts

I have never made donuts until very recently, Unbelievable for some but honestly the truth. My sister makes donuts and they are good as what I made. I thought donuts are a tough job (fear of having undercooked donuts) as they are so big. And getting that hole and all its kinda sounded tough to me. I saw a recipe online a few months ago and made those donut holes. Well they did taste fine and were cooked through inside and out on my first attempt but the second batch dint work. Somehow I had a few donuts perfectly done to eat while the other half I can’t remember what happened. Ever since then I felt donuts are not for me. I’d rather buy one and eat than make is all I thought. I remember once we came across this offer for donuts buy a dozen and get a dozen free and I simply could not resist.  I just grabbed the deal and almost third of it was eaten buy me. And the following week I had a mandatory blood test for checking my insulin level. I  was pregnant and on my 2nd trimester and unfortunately the result ended positive for gestational diabetes. Oh those donuts were my last sweet. Ever since then I had no sugar even in my tea and went on a 0% sugar diet as that was my first baby after a PCOS and a miscarriage. I didn’t know anything about GDP until then. I had to resist all things sweet and finally the baby was not very heavy and everyone doubted if I even had GDP.

Ever since we don’t grab donut deals or anything sweet but a few donuts to fulfil the cravings. Who can resist a donut?

I sometimes crave donuts and feel lazy to make but recently I have renewed TV show list and started watching my old favourite Nigella lawsons programs while trying to cook like Nigella.  Making donuts was the second recipe from nigellas website and I should say its a winner. It’s quick and easy. Proves fast. Makes the perfect donuts.

I felt like pouring custard into my floor mix and the feeling of the dough while working with hands was amazing as nigellas recipe describes.

Check link below

I made the donuts into numbers with my sons help who rolledpicsart_02-01-09-25-50-495x660 and cut the dough.  It’s another long story which will be shared later till then good night.



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