Shopping Etiquette

Shopping is really fun during sale times. Today was the last day of the years most awaited shopping festival in dubai. Every year dubai has a shopping festival in winter and the offers from clothes to electronics is really worth the wait. If you are planning to visit dubai for shopping come in January the best climate, the best offers and the best experience.

It was really a sad sight to see clothes and shoes fallen off the shelves and many clothes just hung on places which they dont belong. It’s not just one item but even an entire shelf stack was fallen. The daiper bags all on the floor. Trust me it is for sure not the stores fault   it is the customers fault which am very sure. When people just grab and leave the stuff on the floor how can we blame the store.  I know we are all in a hurry. Sometimes we are tired of shopping, just sometimes we are not bothered but just want to finish the purchasing so take what we want and leave carelessly.  It sure is not our duty as customers to clean the stack of clothes from the floor but it is a responsibility of a very caring shopper.

I would like to share a few ideas to make shopping fun and easy for everyone. It’s not just dubai anywhere in the world you are “shopping can drive you crazy and deals can create devils”.

Here are few things to consider while shopping.

1. Always leave the clothes you decided not to buy from wherever you took it. If the distance is far please leave at the counter. This will make the staffs work easier and not confuse the other shoppers who got the attention of that item.

2. If something fell off the rod please take a second to pick it up and hang it. It doesn’t matter even if it wasn’t put down by you. If you don’t do it, people might trample and cause some stains. imagine someone buys it and dresses it to there child (if it was baby clothes) so please act with care.

3. Try not to pull all the clothes on the shelf because people who work there are struggling to keep there jobs just because we mess it.

4. Do not block the area just because you are looking at one item.

5. Always try to double check if the code is there before going to the cash counter so people with hungry kids don’t get stuck until the sales team find the code for you.

If you shop responsibly the entire shopping experience will be fun and smooth.


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