whenever I open a blog, website or any other social media site I see a lot of good pictures than mine. I know that pictures are the key to engagement. people find it easier to understand by looking at photographs rather than any other form. i believe pictures with no filter are worth 1000 words than those edited ones. photography is a global language and as a writer who has a bit of journalism knowledge, I believe in journalistic photography with unbiased caption.  It all depends on each person too, for instance intagram had so many filters which  help the user edit the images the way they want it to be displayed. there is nothing bad about editing pictures but choosing the right one is the toughest job…

checkout a few images that I took recently. honestly no filters used except resized to fit the blog.



2 thoughts on “Photography

  1. I could not agree more.
    I myself take a lot of pride in my photography and I believe in the skill and art of getting good images. The biggest compliment for me is, when somebody looks at my travel blog and says “wow, this is where I want to go” or “this is really what it was like!” That means I captured it.

    I believe in photography skills, not PC skills. You got my attention.

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