Dubai’s Top 10 places to visit

Some places mentioned are ideal for foodies.

1. Burj khalifa

I have never been inside or anywhere near the burj khalifa but I have herd and read about what’s inside. Oh the view from a top the burj khalifa  is amazing  (by the photos I’ve seen) I personally don’thave a desire to go but if am offered a free tour with a tea I would definitely Not say “No”.

2. Burj al arab

They have a few beautiful cafes and restaurants I sure haven’t been to this either. Haven’t got a chance to take a proper picture of it which am loving to do sometime soon. But it’s an amazing place to visit if you are visiting dubai.

3. Dubai mall

It’s huge and with a load of attractions. A photogenic place which I love strolling. Shop at hamleys or get addicted to sweets at the candylicious dubai mall. You can even watch a movie on one of those amazing cinemas they’ve got. Oh kids would love the underwater zoo and the musical fountain. It’s a place you need a couple of days to explore in peace. Kidzania is nice too for the kids who love doing stuff

4. City walk

The country’s new hot spot with loads of luxury shopping venues for those who love luxury and a good kids entertainment area. Dont wanna shop? It’s ok walk and grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the beauty.

5. The Beach JBR

oh it’s a luxury of restaurants. You can get hungry soon or starve by thinking which one to choose.  Lovely place to enjoy the sunset with a dinner or the sunrise with a breakfast. I dined at the foodoor truck jam last year and retro feasts.

6. The box park

Beautiful interiors. Lovely place with loads of cafes. I like food so I like this place too. Yet to try a few places there.

7. Global village

If you wanna experience 35 countries under 1 roof then this is the place to be. It’s seasonal and opens only during summer. I’ve been there once and it has got bigger and better by my 5th visit.

8. Last exit

A food truck park with some food trucks and vintage car designs. Go hungry and walk around with your cameras.  Capture the beauty.

9. Lego land

Dubais latest addition is now open all the big and small lego fans now can enjoy. Am not sure how it looks inside but so far the bloggers who have visited recommend it and loved it. Ideal for kids 2 to 12.

10. Dubi parks and resorts

Riverland is what comes first a beautifully designed area with restaurants. then IMG world of adventures the worlds largest indoor theme parks. Now if you have kids or not you sure will enjoy these last 2 options as they are suitable for all ages.




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