A diary of a blogger

All I wanted was to publish my writings. At first it was an ambition. Later it became my love and was at my finger tips but was a struggle to reach and got burried in commitments and restrictions. Finally it became my destiny. When I 19 I had my first mobilw phonewhich was an old one my dad used, a nokia with no data just to buzz my dad after classes and text answers for contests or cousins.  When I reached 20 my dad got me a mobile phone which was also  a nokia 3110 but a brand new phone for my own self. It had a data and a google. During that time I used to google for places to write and signed up for a few places in which I wrote a few poems (I cannot remember the name but it was a very famous site). One such site was wordpress. Yes I had no friends from the age of 13 as I left school and was taught at home. Most of it I know was self learnt and with no guidance. I myself did my ordinary levels and did not succeed. I later got through to study a diploma in information and communication and succeeded. Trust me I got “A” grades. During that time studying was my only goal and we never had a computer nor internet as distractions and we never watched much television until I turned 17. Life was not tough then, I used to go to the british council library and burrow 5 books a week. I read them all and used to take down notes to practice my writing.

My dad used to say “well you can write your own book” cos I wrote so much by staying up at night and read a great deal. After a few years of opening a wordpress account here I am writing and publishing on my own site with loads of love and encouragement.  I consider this a great success. I did not come to this stage with a degree, nor do I earn many dollars but because I shared my honest opinion and love for writing which has given me this place. I know writinghere doesn’t give me money but it gives me joy. Success is not in earning a few penny but it’s in earning a few genuine readers like you who really encourage people like us. All thanks to allah.



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