The Farmers Market

A friday morning, the gentle breeze of fresh air caressed my face while I pulled th buggy out and buckled my baby number two. Holding on to my eldest baby and walking towards bay avenue mall which was a huge line of shops with a click of luxury exterior and  a spacious parking lot cum grassy area with a small play are which all lay along the bay avenue over looking the burj khalifa. Winter in dubai is really the best time to hang out in the parks which is why the farmers market openes during winter letting the Residents of UAE shop local vegetables at a very reasonable price. Every year ever since they opened I’ve been wanting to go but for some reasonI couldn’t make it. This year I somehow managed to visit the farmers market on bay avenue. A small area with a few local farmers selling there own produce amongst the hustle and bustle of this busy city this place seemed really different. Baker and spice firing up some hot and cold food with loads of customers grabbing the vegetables from the farmers while some tend to hagle which I dont feel it right. Couples seated on the large garden benches while the kids paddled and roller skated on the lawn. A few cute dogs who were running around plants the area was very lively. Many grouos seated on the grass and chatting over a coffee while kids played around. The play area was packed with mums and dads accompanying the kids who were happily playing on the swing and slide.

It was like reading one of my Ginn readers from school.

Oh this is the closest picture I’ve ever captured of burj khalifa and the vegetables are so fresh and lovely. Do check it out if you are in dubai during the winter.




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