The Brinjal

20170112_145609-756x1008Oh brinjal is a long story. It’s actually called eggplant in North America and australia while Aubergine is how the british refer. While south asia  and southeast asia and south africans refer as brinjal. Well they come in all shapes and sizes in india mostly I’ve seen the tiny round ones while in sri lanka ive seen the long light bluberry colored ones. In dubai is where iver seen them in a few other shapes and in green too. I just learnt that green ones are known in thai dishes. However the shape and size i prefer the thin and long ones which we in sri lanka cut into cubes and deep fry. These fried one are cooked in a coconut gravy with deep fried potatoes and ash plantain. They are a traditional side dish in lunches served during any festive occassion or wedding.  We call it “kaliya” and some even call the main meal as “kaliya virundhu* mean “kaliya treat” in this case the kaliya is the most important highlight. Trust me if you try it you would love to learn how to cook it. Another way we make brinjal is deep fry it into thin strips and make a salad with onions and green chillie.

We also make it as a “moju” or “pahi” which means deep fried and cooked with special spices to a sauté this can be eaten with yellow rice or lumprice especially.

Another way we cook the brinjal is just cut it into 6 each and cook in a coconut cream which is not so spicy but delicious.

However we cook I love it but until sometime back I dint know that the peel shouldnt be eaten. Well am confused. I’ve seen my mum and dad leave the eggplant peel on the side of the plate and one day my dad asked in astonishment “did you eat the brinjal peel too” and he laughed out loud.  I was answered him “yea, can eat right, shouldn’t we?” And my mum said no we dont eat it. Ever since I’ve kept the peel om the edge of the plate. Even the deep fried eggplant – moju, kaliya or salad. Now recently ive given up and started eating the peel too. It’s ok to eat it with the peel as long as it’s cooked well is my theory by experience.

Now tell me how do you eat your Aubergine / eggplant / brinjal ?

With the peel or without the peel?

Haven’t tried a moju?

Follow my recipe below.

Brinjal Moju


4 long thin brinjals

1 chopped onion

A few curry leaves

Salt to taste

A pinch or 2 of turmeric powder

Oil for frying

For the sauce 

2 tbsp tamarind paste (light)

1/2 tsp chillie flakes

1/2 tsp chillie powder

A pinch of crushed pepper

1 tsp ginger and garlic paste

Salt to taste


1. Wash and Cut the brinjal into 2 length wise and then into very thin slices.

2. Season with salt and turmeric powder.

3. Deep fry in hot oil and keep it aside to drain.

4. In the same oil deep fry the onions and curry leaves until translucent.

5. Mix all the sauce ingredients together.

6. In a pan add the deep fried brinjal, onions with curry leaves and pour the sauce on top.

7. Cover and cook on a very low flame for 5 minutes while turning it occasionally every 2. 5 minutes.

If you like to have with the oil do serve as it is or drain the oil and tranfer to a serving bowl.  (Drain oil with a frying spoon)

Enjoy this with a hot bowl of yellow rice or lumprice.


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