Bread Crust

I remember getting loaves of bread from the bakery

We ate them with the crust

Dipped in a runny gravy or sometimes with jam and butter

We have a bread in sri lanka which we call roast pan

Its got a very crispy edge and taste best when dipped

We love to have it with a milk gravy that’s not too thick

Sometimes we dip it in a cup of hot tea without milk

But sometimes we have it with a spicy onion sambol or a coconut sambol

Either way this how we enjoyed crusty bread

I’ve watched my mama cut the sides off the sandwiches

Which are made for school lunches

I have seen many friends in school who bit the center and leave the crust off the bread

I sometimes hate sandwiches with hard crust too

And did trim the crust of the sandwiches for my kids

But one day I stopped and gave it jsut with the crust

To my surprise they did eat it with the crust

Now I know that what I don’t  like maybe something the kids would love

So always try something without going by an instinct of your own



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