Since the winter started I’ve been thinking of one thing and thats mincepies. People around my social media have been mentioning it or making some even buy and post a few pictures.  Now all I could think of is what does it actually taste like. I was sure it was gonna be sweet and was looking for a pie whenever I went out but couldn’t see much of an option while carrefour had just one tray in the shelf which didn’t look very appetising. I also rummaged the shelves of ready made jar food and found a few mincemeat jars and they dint please me instead scared me, “how would they taste” is the only question that made me keep the jar. I hate it when some jar food for eg; pickles taste sour and smell like plastic. I’ve experienced a few looe that with pasta sauces and pickle jars, so I’ve boycotted them instead I make them at home. I even stopped getting chicken stock cubes and processed meat like ham. When you learn “how do they do it” you learn how to avoid them or do it yourself. So I decided to make my own mince meat following good recipe from a renown chef and the one that caught my eye was nigella lawsons mincepie recipe. I like the way nigella cooks and have enjoyed her show ever since I was in my 20s before that we never watched much television.  Even my mother who knows only a limited amound of english enjoys nigellas cooking shows. Those days me and my mum used to sit and watch together while my dad passes the hall saying “you guys just watch but don’t make a thing, is there any point in wasting time” and we just smile or sometimes say some reason. T

So the past weekend I tried nigellas mincepie recipe as well as tried cranberries for the first time in my life. Oh boy cranberries are so sour. I dint even imagine they would taste like that and now another example that looks deceive our eyes.  You can never jidge a book by its cover. So my first experience with mincepies was amazing. It wasn’t a hard recipe but the filling was not sweet enough for my liking. Well that was okay. They turned out perfect. I even got a mini pie tray which fitted convection microwave oven. I was glad I made the pies mini size and only 6 cos I have plants to add sugar or honey and sweeten the mincemeat before I bake the next batch.

The recipe is below


The reason for them to be not too sweet was due to the cranberries and i substituted cranverry juice instead of the alcohol. I am just assuming.

Well so this winter was spent making mincepie and some other few recipes while I struggled to do it just cos I don’t want my passion to sleep for long. A month break is really too much when you love to write but it’s ok when you have to cope with other work too.



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