I love brownies and for some reason I like to try a variety of brownies from shops. My sister makes a good brownie and I did make a fudgy one too which I liked equally. But my instagram feed has some good shops that post brownies with a variety of flavours. Am not a fan of red velvet brownies because I believe in originality which means brownies should be brown and if they are red velvet or macha they are not brownies they are something else. The interior of a brownie should basically be brown not red or green or purple nor any other color. Am sorry but that’s me.  You can have an ice cream with many flavours because ice cream doesn’t have a color on it’s spelling. But a brownie sure does have a color on its name which is “brown” so mix a bit of red velvet to the exterior and please let the interior be brown.

Here is a brownie I tried recently at brownie blues and I loved it. I loved there shop interior as well. It was really nice to walk in and get a brownie.

Check more pictures on my instagram.

The 2 flavours i liked are ferrero rocher and macha.



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