I have been wanting to travel around Europe and America which was an effect of being educated in the british curriculum and reading books based in Newyork and london. Last few years of my teenage days were mostly spent in the british council library reading and browsing  books.  I just never stopped from reading but wrote a few essays  about the books I read and made a few poems on the atmosphere I sat. I didn’t have a smart phone with an internet, but my dad got me a nokia mobile just to call him and text when am done with my libarary work and classes. these were all elicit of reading the school readers and imagining the world  beyond which I lived. I always imagined how the harrods would be lit up during December and how the big ben looked while the night fell. my best friend who married and moved to UK  used to say how it would be if I also joined her in Uk. it was all a childish dream but the imagination stays as it was like a memory. now many years have passed and living in dubai is another world. this country has so much more than I imagined. the world comes to dubai to be honest in my opinion. having said that one event that proves it is the global village a carnival sort of thing which comes evety winter and is on it’s 21st year which has got bigger and better every year I’ve seen. this year was really a surprise when we planned to take visiting  relatives to the global village. the season kicked off on november 1st and we walked in this monday to find 35 mountries displayed under one roof. I tried to elicit a smile of joy which was like seeing a movie that you actually imagined whoch has come into action just like a magic. the big ben to the statue of liberty and the opera house of australia was all on display. well they are models but huge and so lively. there is more to talk about the global village but I would like to sign off with an image and get back writing tomorrow on the things I discovered. till then good night20161121_170048-600x800



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