When I came across todays prompt all I could remember was Halloween . although am not celebrating Halloween and I really  dont know why it’s celebrated but I’ve watched the movies and know a little bit about the activities. the costumes they wear are really eerie. last week I was walking along the  chocolate section at the supermarket and came across an eerie looking mask which scared me for a minute before I gave it a second glance to find out its just a spooky Halloween mask and couldn’t stop  laughing at myself. the mask was probably left by a shopper who changed the mind and left it near the chocolates. these things happen most of the time and even I get lazy and keep things in sections that don’t belong to. we should always think of the people who work here to clear the mess we create and try to take a minute and leave the stuff where they belong. I took  the pledge a few months ago after seeing a worker looking very  tired amd stressed witha art full f things collected from random shelves. they work hard to keep things easily accessible or us. lets take a minute to make things easy for them. after all what we do is what our kids do too.






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