Tomato seeds

It was a few months ago I came across these green and maroon tomatoes. There was even a red large tomatoe which looked a bit like a pumpkin but small and red. Ever since I saw them I’ve wondered if they taste different amidst there looks. I was inquisitive to buy them but the price was a bit too expensive. I was waiting for a few months until the price went a bit down but invain. It’s imported stuff and they were different. I gave up and decided to buy just 1 tomato and try them out. So I got 1 green nd 1 orange tomato. After a day I cut them into small slices and had them with my salad and pasta. Was it worth the price and waiting? Well they had a small difference in taste and color but in the end they are all tomatoes. The green tomato was ripe and a bit sweeter than the normal red tomatoes. Well you need to try it to know the exact taste.

I am now waiting for the tomato seeds to develop as a tomatoe plant. Will it be red or green you will have to wait and watch this space. I guess it’s all worth the waiting.




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