Tea styling

Recently a blogger friend of mine announced a challenge in instagram which is “adoremycupoftea” I was inspired by the pictures when I clicked on the hashtags. The beautiful tea cups, the subdued light and the calm tea styling all gave me a feeling to create something unique or similar.  It was a feeling that was supposed to be looked in to urgently. I created many photos using the hashtag #adoremycupoftea and you can check them all on my instagram. I felt it was urgent and started doing a bit of tea styling everyday and I almost have a few pictures which I really adore. A cup of tea is always nice to drink but now it has become something nice to photograph.

It’snot urgent but do please check my tea styling on my instagram and let me know how you like it.


When you think its urgent

You can do it immediately

When you think it’s not urgent

Is when you get lazy

Mind is the key to everything

Be inspired and do many things

Styling a cup of tea

Is never like drinking the tea

I felt its urgent to publish something

And found this cup of tea inspiring



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