Basaboosa truffles

This is a long awaited post which I totally wanted to publish as a secret (hahaha) can you keep a secret?

I made basaboosa for eid and luckily it was too good yet too many for 3 people so I had to invent something out of the extras.

That is when I got the idea to make basaboksa truffle. Cherry was in seasonduring ramadan and I have never tried those cherries until last ramadan. So the exploring mind decided to get a small cup. I liked them but they were also too many for myself to eat alone before they get rotten. So I made these cute basaboosa coated truffles. You just need some good moist basaboosa slices and a few cherries. As basaboosa is very moist you wont need anything to make it easy to coat a cherry. Always use cherries with the stem or else someone might bite into the seed.

You can coat the basaboosa and dip or apply candy melts to give it a shine. These pretty truffles make a cute presentation for your tables and easy for the guests to enjoy. I prefered with the seed as I wanted the stem to hold onto, if you want without seed I guess you need to go for some toothpick or other options to hold them.

I added little olive oil and melted my candy melts as I wanted them to set fast for the photoshoot which is why I seem to be applying on the truffle the candy melt and if you make it to usual way you might be able to dip in and take easily.

Check the video below on steps to coat the truffle.

Recipe below



1 slice basaboosa

2 cherries

4 tbsp candy melts (melted)


Mash the basaboosa

Take  a lump and wrap around the cherry carefully

Coat in candy melts and serve once set

Drizzle some chocolate syrup if desired




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