Chicken Nuggets


Feeding kids is a big task when it comes to picky eaters. Some kids hate to eat sticky food while some hate eating chewy stuff which take long time and some don’t like food thats boring and orefer colorful food but most hate anyting green. Now all those are in one at my house. While wondering how to feed chicken to my child I came across some nuggets  at one of those famous fast food outlets. I got a pack and we shared.  To my surprise he liked them amidst it was chicken. So I decided to make it at home. Well I didn’t follow any recipe instead just did it thinking of its taste. I wanted it to be like the original nuggets sold at those famous fast food outlets well am not sure if its original but still I prefer there taste over the frozen ones or maybe I am not doing the frozen ones properly. However I sure did get the original nugget taste when I did at home.

All I used was a bit of minced meat which was a frozen roll and am guilty of using it as we never know how well the meat was clean and boneless while mincing at those large machines but still after watching the “how do they do it” program for a few other stuffs am a bit convinced they take extra care to make the quality better. Now the next thing I added to my nugget mix is salt and some cornflour to bind it together. I just made a few shapes and coated them in breadcrumbs. It was deep fried and drained before serving the kids.

It was enjoyable as homemade and tasted like the original nuggets we buy in stores. It was easy for the kids to eat and am sure it will be a good way to sneak in some potatoes and carrots or any greens inside which should be blended before adding so the kids dont bite into them but get the nutrition. Try it while I did add a potato and will be adding some greens next time to feed my picky eater.



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