Japanese Cheesecake

I am not a dessert maker infact I just enjoy eating desserts but hate making them. Well it’s mostly because of the whipping process and folding especially on mousses which has to be handled carefully. I sometimes make desserts in a hurry and hardly can do anything careful as folding whipping cream and whipped eggs especially before getting myself a stand mixer.  It maybe because my hand hurt of holding the hand mixer till it formed stiff peaks and after so much effort I finally fold and make the dessert making sure am careful not to over mix it and find the dessert in 3 layers and its not a mousse. What am I gonna call this is all I can think while eating it as it’s sweet and something edible.

Making desserts is an art I am still learning to master it. There are many sweets I prefer to make when it comes to dessert I enjoy making biscuit puddings which I dont have to be careful while mixing and layering as am an expert in doing it with a very successful recipe taught by my cookery teacher.

I have tried cheesecake from the stores and making at home either way never liked the taste but adore it. My hubby likes cheesecake and whenever I made it it never set because either therewas something wrong with the gelatine or I wasn’t careful enough to follow the recipe which mostly I struggle with when it comes to anything in cooking. I sometimes don’tlike the smell of gelatine as well and stopped making any dessert which uses gelatine.

Recently I came across the japanese cheese cake which is basically a baked cheese cake with no gelatine. At times when I feel like making the japanese cheesecake I don’t have one or the other ingredient which makes it a pending job. Finally I decided to make it somehow as it was dessert week on Great british bakeoff this week and I had a few extra jars of cheese taking up the space in my pantry so although I didn’t have whipped cream I just started the process while called and ordered a whipping cream pack from the grocery opposite our building.  It arrive in half an hour until then the butter turned to room temperature and everything was measured and ready to be mixed. The recipe I followed is attached as a link below. The writer mentiined better to taste it the next day of making it as it enhances the taste and I totally agree. The older it is the better it tastes. I tried it 4 days after which is today and it tasted very delicious.  Always keep it in the fridge and enjoy at room temperature. Better warm than cold. I love it and its simple. Ofcourse the process is similar to the usual refrigerated cheesecake and you need to be careful in folding but no worries on a soggy not set cheesecake because it’s baked.

You need to be patient and careful while follow all the steps in the recipe but trust me you will love it. 20161009_205408-480x606



Photography by me 😊


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