Cucumber : a short story

There was alittle boy who was 3 and his name was ray. He never liked to chew on chicken, His mum was struggling to feed him chicken or any meat. One day they dined at mc donalds.  They ordered some french fries and nuggets. His mum gave him a nugget and to her surprise he started eating them with the french fries. He was a very posh little man on his jeans and shoes with a spiderman shade.  At age 3 he preferred eating stylishly holding onto the pack of French fries and walking around while eating the fries. Well he hated to chew on big chewy pieces of chicken and was daring to try anything new. So ever since his mum started making chicken nuggets at home which was very simple and quick to make using frozen minced meat and some salt for seasoning. She coated them in breadcrumbs and they tasted better than store bought nuggets. His mum is still wondering if store bought minced meat is healthy? Well they might be mincing it with the bones, she thinks.

Ray was daring to try anything new that he ate a slice of cucumber which he refused to eat whenever he was given during his 1st and 2nd year. He saw his mum slice the cucumber for burger and he felt like trying it. Perhaps for the beauty of the cucumber or for being fascinated of it’s taste, or maybe because he was daring to try something new.

At the end of the day ray mum learns that everychild like to try something new the only thing they hate no matter what age is not to be forced to try.  Just cut the vegetables in front of them but do not ask them to eat which is the golden rule of feeding kids healthy. Do it while they see but do not give them unless they ask.

Well thats just rays mums opinion.



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