Sushi Tour in Dubai

I find sushi as the best raw food I’ve ever had in my life. The first time I tried sushi it was at a buffet 5 years ago. I was very reluctant to try sushi after knowing it had raw fish. We sri lankans do eat fish cooked, fried and deviled but I  or my family haven’t got the chance to try a sushi or we were not encouraged to do so as I was by my loving cousin in law. She is the one who encouraged me to try my first sushi as a medical student who lived in china for years she has tried it and knows the best. So ever since I got over my antisushi self and started enjoying it. The soya sauce and wasabi is what made me try more at first but now I try it for the real sushi taste.

Sushi is such a nice dish which is elegantly displayed and created with a lot of artistic techniques.  I have seen how the Japanese cut the tuna to make sushi it’s pure talent and am sure we can hardly perfection it as a housewife. The way the sushi is wrapped and cut in all artistic and very creative. Time consuming work too which am sure even for fun I wouldn’t be able to try it and get it perfect.

The best way to enjoy your sushi is get it from a good sushi restaurant.  Here in dubai we get a range of restaurants that sure do serve sushi in range of price.  Each restaurant serves food according to the value of money we are willing to pay but it doesn’t mean a very cheap sushi bar has the least tasty one and the most expensive sushi restaurant serves the worlds best. It all differs. I once went to a restaurant in dubai at the atlantis for a seafood night and tried there sushi it was good then again a few months ago we got a takeaway from the mirdiff city centre food court sushi restaurant and the food was tasting good it was value for money. I have tried a few sushi and am craving to try more as I sure do not wanna make it at home and sushi will be the one of those food I love to try at a restaurant. So when my blogger friend Naomi announced the sushi tour I raised my hand to join.

We started at sumo sushi and bento at Town centre Jumeira. As it was at a mall the sumo sushi was in the center or the mall with open dinning are and a very comfortable seating and a sushi bar in the center of the restaurant. We were given a drink of our choice and chefs selection of sushi in a personalised way for each of us. The plate had samurai, cruchy crazy and crispy creamy which were all tatsing good as there name and I loved the crunchy crazy as well as the crispy creamy for it’s crunchy and crispiness. It was different and it stood up for its name. We were also introduced for the months special which was a pink crunchy phily roll which sure was pink and a special for the month of october which is marked as breast cancer awareness month and a part of the proceeds from the pink rolls goes to charity on breast cancer awareness.

Next stop was a drive towards one of dubais most posh place the boulevard at downtown. Where we walked over to the mori sushi restaurant Which was a very classy restaurant with a very elegant interior. We were offered a drink of our choice and treated with a starter and a salad. The starter was a miso soup which I herd and tried for the first time. It was a soup made with lemon grass and some herbs and it had cubes of tofu. The tofu tasted very soft and creamy while the soup was a bit too runny for me. Well the next was the salad which was a seaweed gratin and a crab and cucumber grated salad. The seaweed was another new item which I tried for the first time and it was different but didn’t get my love. We waited for the sushi and it was a beauty. I really value the look of sushi and started taking pictures of it so I may look at it and enjoy the beauty of the photography. It was 5 varieties of sushi and I enjoyed them all equally yet loved the crispy one which am not sure of the names of the sushi as I was more concerned of the taste so forgot to note the names but here is a picture which will help you order or try.

This restaurant is really a lovely place and am sure Anyone will enjoy. I have a lot of pictures which I cannot share on the blog so have compiled into a video and hope you enjoy them.

Novikov is in the other hand a very high end restaurant with a romantic atmosphere and a great view on sheikh zayed road. Honeymooners and anniversary celebrators attention if your partner loves sushi take him/her there as the ambience is very romantic and soothing. The food is the normal sushi and shashimi. I didn’t try anything else so if you did try something extraordinary do let me know on some form. But it was a normal sushi sashimi place food wise.


I went on the tour as a food taster promoter for my friend blogger naomi and the opinion is all mine and in no was I compeled to write it. I write my experience which was explored with sushi. I really loved the tour and would love to thank my blogger friend for the opportunity.



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