Rolls : a nostalgia











During my school days we used to have a lunch box filled with store bought food like a bun, a roll or even some coconut roti sandwiched with a spicy sambol. My dad used to bring them on his way from the early morning prayers and he himself packed it in our lunch box. Sometimes he gave us a 10 or 20 rupees to buy the lunch from the canteen. Very rarely mum would make a lunch for us to take to school as she was having some health issues. Whenever mum makes school lunch it was either green grams, noodles or channa dhal which I request on some occassions. We also buy these rolls which are made of stuffed thin pancakes, dipped in egg and rolled in bread crumbs before frying in hot oil.

Sometimes they are atuffed with fish or potato filling and mostly the potato filled ones have an egg. They are so crispy amd delicious.  Whenever we have guests or when my dad sees them he used to bring. My mum used to make them at home during ramadan and it was served during breakfast. As an expat in dubai I miss the rolls my dad used to buy and the ones we used to have at chariot which was also called chinese rolls in sri lanka. The nostalgia often makes me prepare amd fry these rolls at home and often devour it before its cooled down to body temperature.

So times Nostalgia leads to unhealthy habits and made me eat 3 of them in just one sitting. Sometimes Nostalgia leads you to things that can create pain like as I dumped the roll in the frying pan in a hurry the oil splashed and burnt my finger which was very painful and made it difficult to wash my hands (I somehow bore the pain and washed mt hands).


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